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Good Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Martial Arts Classes

martial arts

In today’s modern society that seems to glorify violence on every form of media from TV, movies, video games and music it may seem like a poor idea to enroll your child in a martial arts learning school. Although the genre of martial arts action movies is always rife with gratuitous violence it may surprise most people to know that martial arts training can be very beneficial to children.

The Philosophy Of Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do

The Tae Kwon Do philosophy is not to fight, but to create a more peaceful world. When studying the art of Tae Kwon Do, the individual will be taught how to develop their character and personality. They will come to understand that they are the foundation and must have strong ethics and positive morals. Only upon a strong foundation, possessing the right attitude and characteristics, can success or the end goal be reached.

Fair Lawn Taekwondo

Kevin’s achievement of 21 days training

Yoo's Martial Arts Fair Lawn location "Kevin's achievement of 21 days training" Our sincere congratulations go to Kevin for successfully completing his 21-day training goal! Kevin’s mother asked us to help him improve his expression of Respect, so Master Kim prepared a training chart for them to track...


KUMYEDO FOUNDER Grandmaster Jang Hyo Seon Special Instruction at Tarrytown Dojang The Korean swordsmanship training known as Kumyedo was founded by Grandmaster Jang Hyo Seon. Fascinatingly, Grandmaster Jang Hyo Seon will be visiting our Tarrytown school. He will be teaching the secrets to mastering the traditional Korean swordsmanship...