Tai Chi (TaeGeuk) is the principle of the cosmic energy cycle. When cosmic energy is created and eventually reaches its peak, instead of disappearing, the energy converts into a different type of energy, thereby continuing its lifecycle.

Qigong is the understanding and application of the Tai Chi principle into our lives. We can embrace the cosmic energy cycle into our life, leading a less self-centered and more altruistic, devoted life. 

Through the changing cycle of Tai Chi, heavenly sky, earth, and human energy are created, in that order. Such energies are called ChunKi, JiKi and InKi, respectively.

ChunKi is clear and extremely light; it rises upwards covering the earth from above. JiKi is heavy and dense, supporting the heavenly sky beneath the ChunKi. Inki is the connection between ChunKi and JiKi within humans. 

ChunKi gives birth to all beings. Jiki uplifts all beings. InKi energy, emanating from heaven and nurtured by earth, is attainable only to humans, setting us apart as the most precious and noble of all living beings on Earth.

ChunKi, as an intangible energy, is in charge of the spiritual power of humans and determines the brightness or darkness of the human spirit. JiKi, as a tangible energy, is in charge of the physical power of humans and determines the strength or weakness of the human body. 

Tai Chi-Qigong is a healing exercise for our body, opening blocked energy channels through proper posture, breath work and advanced concentration within graceful movement. Through this practice the condition of cells, muscles, bones and joints are strengthened and revitalized, improving the function of internal organs and intestines. By healing our body, Tai Chi-Qigong helps us to learn compassion from nature, guiding us to cultivate openness and embrace others. Through this study, one can start to realize the meaning of the life given to us and be truly sincere in every moment of life’s journey. 


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