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Taekwondo: For Your Body and Your Mind

The physical benefits of taekwondo

Most people want to use martial arts like taekwondo for fighting and self-defense, but really think about it, how often have you needed to kick somebody in the chin to defend yourself? Most of the people who are going to really put you in danger are probably going to have a gun. But that doesn’t mean that ancient martial arts like taekwondo are useless in the modern world of today? One of the most important things that practitioners of martial arts Taekwondo is get their bodies highly toned and very physically fit. With all the focus on health, fitness, and wellness these days, taking some advice and practices from taekwondo practitioners is certainly a good idea.

Physical Fitness

The reason that taekwondo can be so good for your body and mind is that the different parts of training for the martial art build up different parts of your body. Aerobic fitness is highly valued in taekwondo, and is built up by traditional means like running and jogging as well as through repetitive form and blocking drills during practice periods. Strength training is also important, and is mainly built up by traditional exercise methods like push ups, pull ups, and sit ups. One component of physical fitness that is often overlooked is flexibility and stretching, but this is also considered to be a highly important component of taekwondo practice. Flexibility is built up through stretching exercises as well as kicking drills.

Cardio and circulation

The great boosts to fitness that your body can get from taekwondo can be surprising. Since taekwondo practice uses all of the muscle groups in your body, it is a highly effective and efficient cardio workout. The high energy nature of taekwondo practice also means that it is a highly effective way of burning calories, which is a safe and healthy method of achieving significant weight loss.

Muscle toning

In addition to these benefits, taekwondo can also increase your strength and muscle tone. The careful training methods developed by taekwondo experts over thousands of years also strengthen your joints by working them out without putting undue strain on them, which reduces the risk of twisted ankles and pulled muscles in day to day life.