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The World Kumyedo Federation/The Korea Kumyedo Association 

• Founder; Grandmaster Jang, Hyo Seon

• Philosophy of KUMYEDO

  [심신합일→ 검신일여→ 우아일체]

  ♦ Shim Shin Haab Il(심신합일); Unite Body and Mind as one →

  ♦ Kum Shin Il Uh(검신일여); Sword and Body becomes one →

  ♦ Woo Ah Il Che(우아일체); State of deep gratitude for blessing of mother nature

• Mind set for Kumyedo students

  ♦ Kumnaeshim(검내심); The sword is my mind

• Kumyedo areas of study

  ♦ Kumbub – Sword               ♦ Jangbub – Bare hand strike

  ♦ Gaakbub – Kicking             ♦ Myungsangbub – Meditation

  ♦ Kigongbub – Internal energy cultivation

• Kumyedo sword types

  ♦ Wooden Sword – Use for sword form/striking practice/sword combat

  ♦ Real Sword – Use for self-training/cutting practice

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