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Black Belt Test candidates special class part.4 Sparring

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1) Flow

– Instead of seeing an opponent(s) as separate from you threatening your survival, feel as if it is a dance between energies. This will not only help you conserve energy while kicks and punches are being thrown at you, but also enable you to capitalize on openings intuitively. Believe in your preparation and allow your domination of the battle to happen on its own.

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2) Stamina

– You can be super relaxed and efficient with how you exert yourself in the match, but if you haven’t put in the time to prepare your body to be pushed, then at some point you’re going to gas out. And once the tank is gone, all the fight knowledge in the world can’t save you. Do not underestimate the importance of endurance.

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3) Effort

– Getting physically fit before combat is essential. But equally as important is that very day being mentally ready to push yourself to the max. On your black belt test, you want to show that warrior spirit that is willing to push forward no matter what the circumstances are. It’s that persevering mindset that will translate into success into your career, school, and/or family life. Furthermore, remember that the material black belt is there for you to get in touch with the immaterial nature of Reality. Become opened up to what is beyond the physical realm as you overcome your physical boundaries.

written by Master Shin Min(Patrick Malonso)