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Learn A Little History About Taekwondo And The Olympics

Are you studying Taekwondo? If so, what belt are you? Maybe you have a kid that is taking Taekwondo, and you’re amazed at his or her progression with the sport. My sister was like that, and she ended up with her black belt. She also studied another form of martial arts and receives her black belt with it, too. Are you or is someone you know considering trying out for the US Olympic team?

Congratulations! New 1st Degree Black Belts

Tarrytown Location - Amina, Ava, Christopher, Jabari, James, Saya, Sydney, Taro Fair Lawn Location - Dayami, Manav, Matthew, Mit, Monali, Steven New Rochelle Location - Ethan, Lucas, Oscar, Wyatt We welcome all new Junior Black Belts. We hope you continue to grow and enjoy the experience of advancing through the Black...