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Master Yoo’s Push-ups

General Posture

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• Palms are shoulder-width apart
If palms are too wide, this will eventually result in excessive vibration on your arms and lower Dahn-jun, causing you to lose energy
• Head line is straight, with eyes looking straight down
If you tuck your head up and look toward the front, it will bring heat energy too fast to your face because such angle blocks the cooling energy channel (Dok-Maek)
• Keep your bottom gently tight, tail bone in, keeping pressure on your lower Dahn-jun
• Thighs, calves and heels together
• Do not raise or lower your bottom
Raised bottom results in energy leaking through the Hoe-eum, and sinking bottom may cause lower back pain.

Taekwondo Philosophy – Overview

The philosophy of Taekwondo does not only dealing with punching, training in kicking and self-defense but far more than training in physical and mental matching. The main feature of the art is the improvement of a certain spirit which carries over into all parts of life. One could secure a stable and peaceful life by basing upon a harmony between oneself and the nature. The word Do in Korean means the art, path or way of life. This is the way in the world. This philosophy of Taekwondo has its roots held by religious leaders and the heartfelt laymen throughout the history. The philosophical qualities can be drawn back to the impact of Buddhism and their purpose of the Mastery of Life.