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How To Choose And Care For the Taekwondo Uniform Called The Dobok


All of the different martial arts that are practiced in the U.S., Taekwondo is the most popular, with the most students. It originated in Korea and includes self defense, exercises, combat fighting and self discipline. It is also an Olympic sport, with many followers. In order to know what level of expertise a student has achieved, all you need to do is look at the various colored belts they wear on their white uniforms. Roughly translated Taekwondo means “the way of the foot and the fist”, which makes perfect sense. Let’s examine how to care for the uniform.

Getting The Right Size Of Taekwondo Uniform

These uniforms don’t usually come in the standard small thru large designations, instead you’ll need to know the number of centimeters you are tall, your weight, and your waste size. Most places that sell the uniforms are well aware of this, and will be happy to measure and weigh you on site. It is important to get the fit right because you’ll need to be able to move freely and you won’t want to be slowed by stepping on the hems of your pants. Make sure you try the uniform on in the shop and make a few moves to test the fit.

If You Are A Beginner, Check With Your School Or Sensei On Colors

Most schools will require the basic white uniform, or dobok, with no special trims, decorations, or adornments, however, some senseis will have special instructions, so check in advance of purchase. Many stores will already have lists of the different senseis, with their instructions, and can advise you as well. In many classes wearing a T-shirt under the top of the dobok is optional, but check anyway. Take note that the label typically goes in the front when wearing the pants, and if you have the elastic band to help tighten the fit, it shouldn’t show from any direction.

Take Care When Washing And Drying The Uniform

Most instructors will insist that the uniforms are washed regularly, if not each and every time they are used, it’s part of the tradition. The uniform should be washed in cold water only, and hung to dry, not placed in a dryer. Then you should always iron it before heading to your next practice.

Studying Taekwondo is a valuable way to teach young people the value of self discipline, while also helping them get exercise. In the modern world, where children spend many hours per day in front of the TV, computer, and video game console, learning a martial art is an excellent idea.