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3 important components to maximize the power

“3 important components to maximize the power”
(lesson from top power breaking contest)

The Top Power Breaking Contest which recently took place at the Fair Lawn school enveloped several fundamental concepts which guided the children in achieving their inner most strengths. Master Yoo explained how there are three major components that are essential in helping us reach that inner strength that exists in all of us.

The first concept, Concentration, begins within our brain. It is the ability to clear our thoughts and focus on the task at hand without being distracted.

The second, which is Confidence, comes from the heart. It is here that we find the strength to clear the doubts and fears that prevent us and hold us back from achieving our goals. By releasing that doubt and fear, we are inclined to allow a positive energy that pushes away all hesitation.

Last but not least, we must turn to our energy center for physical strength. This is found within our core, or Dahn Jun, which is where we can derive positivity and strength. The children along with their parents and family members had the opportunity to experience these concepts first hand. Through deep meditation and an awareness of their own positive energy, they were able to take part in a board breaking contest that left everyone involved feeling like a winner.

During this presentation, I realized that these are concepts our children will continue to use in their everyday lives, and will help them achieve a sense of balance, well-being, and happiness.

Reported by Students and mother of 2 black belts children