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Understanding the Taekwondo Philosophy

Self-Development, Self-Motivation, Self-Defense, and Good Health

The philosophy of Taekwondo is founded on the universal need to build a more peaceful world. In order to do this effectively, the philosophy begins at the root- the individual. Consequently, the taekwondo philosophy gives special attention to self-development, self-motivation, self-defense, and good health. The art of taekwondo endeavors to cultivate a culture of positive attitude among taekwondo practitioners. However, in order for one to reap from the advantageous philosophy of Taekwondo, one must vividly comprehended that the study takes long. Additionally commitment and diligence are two important traits that will help in attaining the crown jewel of the Taekwondo philosophy- the proper mental discipline.

Apparently, to learn taekwondo not only helps one to gain physical skills but also simultaneously helps in intensifying positive personality traits and spiritual strength. Some of the virtues that will sprout thanks to the art of taekwondo include self-control, courage, courtesy, respect, perseverance, patience, humility, thoughtfulness, and boldness among many others. To reach the peak of perfection in all the traits that are taught by the philosophy of taekwondo, it takes a great deal of vigorous training. Due to the vigorousness, many do not go far enough to attain perfection in all the aforementioned virtues. Fortunately, in order to level the playing ground, the Taekwondo philosophy advocates for the use of physical, mental, and spiritual efforts in order for people develop the positive attributes.

Taekwondo Philosophy

The philosophy of Taekwondo favors the approach of using the individual to better the world because this approach is effective. By molding an individual into a responsible and well-rounded person, the philosophy facilitates the passing of its teaching and positive attributes to others through the teaching and personal actions of the well-molded individual. The final goal of the taekwondo philosophy is to achieve harmony between the self and nature.