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Benefits of Round House Kick Training

The round house kick is one of the most effective kicks in Tae Kwon Do. Proficiency in using this versatile kick requires continuous practice to develop speed, power and accuracy. Different drills are used to develop different components of this kick.

To develop speed, practicing round house kicks with hand targets is most effective. Speed drills with a partner develop reaction time, work to make the kick faster and build endurance. This is done be having one person hold the targets and quickly feed the target to the kicking partner. The kicking partner kicks only when the target is given, shortening reaction times and building speed. Doing this drill for a longer periods of time as you progress builds endurance in the legs and lungs.

Yoo’s Martial Arts Tarrytown Schedule

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How To Execute A Front Kick In Taekwondo

If you are hoping to become a Taekwondo master, then there is something you will need to do, and that is you will need to perfect your kicks. The side kick, front kick, hooking kick, roundhouse kick and the back kick are the five basic kicks in Taekwondo, and if you master these kicks, then you will have a good foundation to start practicing other kicks that are more advanced. The type of kick you decide to use depends on the target you are aiming at, but each kick does require precision, which means you need to practice. With that said, below are some tips on how to perform the front kick.