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2016 May Black Belt Ceremony

On May 28th Yoo’s Martial Arts in Tarrytown held a Black Belt Ceremony. Twenty-three students were in attendance to celebrate a major accomplishment – reaching the rank of 1 st degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. Families and friends joined them in recognizing their 2½ - 3...

SUSA Lucia’s class at Colombia

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc4f6EgKncw&authuser=0 On my recent trip to Colombia, I visited my friend who teaches school in a rural area. Most of the children’s parents are farmers or have some role in the agricultural business. My family had collected a plethora of school supplies to be distributed amongst...

Detail Your Own Philosophy of “Do” for Brown Belt Test


To me, Do is a sort of morality, a way of living (after all, it is the “way of life”). Do is what keeps us from using our Tae Kwon Do skills selfishly and to cause harm to other unnecessarily. It tells us what is right and what is wrong and shows us that there are certain principles we should all live by if we want to achieve happiness. Do is the truth that makes up these principles. It tells us to be honest, accept our faults, and always strive to better ourselves, but not to demean or cause harm to others.