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The Benefits Of Taekwondo For Children

Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts across the world. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness recommends this Korean martial art for children as young as 6 years old. However, you can find classes for younger children and can sign up your child for a taekwondo class once they turn 4. A lot of parents have misconceptions regarding martial arts and think that these classes will teach their children to fight or that they will learn self-defense.
There are other benefits associated with taking a taekwondo class.

Develop Strength And Balance

Taekwondo will teach your child balance and will help them develop their physical strength. Your child will learn different types of kicks that require them to learn to balance their weight when they practice. Kicking will also help your child develop their torso muscles. Your child will develop better coordination and will develop their arm and leg muscles as they learn strikes.


Your child will learn to follow patterns and sequences of movements. This requires your child to concentrate and practicing taekwondo regularly will eventually help your child develop their ability to focus and to remember things. Your child will also learn breathing and meditation techniques.


Your child will have to follow directions during their taekwondo class and will learn respect and discipline. Martial arts will teach children to respect their instructor as well as their opponents. Taekwondo is not the answer to all your discipline problems but this could be beneficial to your child.


Your child will become more confident and their self-esteem will improve thanks to taekwondo. Your child will progress and will earn belts if they decide to continue taking taekwondo classes. Your child will become more confident in the other things they do as they progress in their taekwondo class.

Help With Aggression

Taekwondo will provide your child with a healthy outlet for their energy and aggression. Your child will not learn the self-defense skills they need to fight off bullies but taekwondo will help with other things. A 2008 study published in Psychology in the Schools showed that boys who took martial arts were less aggressive and that bystanders who took martial arts were more likely to do something if they saw another child being bullied.