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My Impression of 1st Degree Black Belt Accomplishment

When I figured out that I passed the test for the black belt I felt accomplished. It had been my dream to become a black belt in anything. So when I was five years old I went to a school for mixed martial arts. I thought that was where I was going to get my black belt but then the Si Gung started to get really mean with his words and actions. By that time I was only six years old and so my parents took me out of the MMA school. The next school I went to was Hong Ik, I spent two years there wondering how it was going to turn out. During the time I spent in bodan belts I didn’t really realize how far I went until bodan red. I thought “Wow, I have made it this far why stop. I’m so close.” With bodan red it was hard for me to memorize every belt, and on top of that I had school to worry about, so when I figured out I passed the black belt exams it felt like I just lost 150 lbs. I am very grateful for everyone who has helped me achieve this accomplishment for which I am so proud of.

— Written by Ethan Valentin