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Learn A Little History About Taekwondo And The Olympics

Are you studying Taekwondo? If so, what belt are you? Maybe you have a kid that is taking Taekwondo, and you’re amazed at his or her progression with the sport. My sister was like that, and she ended up with her black belt. She also studied another form of martial arts and receives her black belt with it, too. Are you or is someone you know considering trying out for the US Olympic team?

It’s interesting watching the Summer Olympics when they roll around every four years. They always seem to show the same sports though. You get your swimming, your track and field and your gymnastics. Where are the martial arts? You might be surprised to find out that Taekwondo wasn’t part of the Summer Olympics until just a few decades ago. That’s right, it all started in 1988. Were you old enough to remember watching that event?

Personally, I am old enough to remember that specific Olympics, but I was very young. I remember more of the 1992 Olympics, and I have seen martial arts events. The Olympics is one version of sparring your way to the top. Others try and stay in shape, continuing learning their sport throughout life and maybe take the opportunity to compete in local, regional and national competitions.

If you read about the history of Taekwondo and the Olympics, you’re going to find out a cool fact about the year 1988 when it all began. Since it was the first year, they did something really special. It would be interesting to see what they’ve done in years since when it comes to the opening ceremony. I wouldn’t be able to tell you if anything matched 1988, when there were tons of people including children performing together to introduce the sport to the Olympic Games.