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The philosophy Of Taekwondo | Martial Arts

Building a more peaceful world is the philosophy of Taekwondo. It all starts with the individual. The foundation of the sport is the individual. The art of Taekwondo strives to build the personality, positive morals and character of the participant. It is only on the “foundation” of individuals who possess positive attitudes the end goal of the sport may be achieved. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the philosophy of Taekwondo.


Taekwondo: Martial Arts

Taekwondo, as in most martial arts, when practiced properly is a non-aggressive ethical form of self-defense.
With humble beginnings well over 1000 years ago, it has become renowned internationally as one of the more successful and more popular forms of martial arts. Those practicing taekwondo learn both physical and mental discipline. They are physically fit and if need be, they can defend themselves. Not only is taekwondo a combat sport, it’s also a way of life.

taekwondo belts

Taekwondo Belts

Taekwondo belts are a sign of recognition that a person has achieved a certain rank when learning this branch of marital arts. Some instructors provide the belt for their students, but many have the student’s fork over the money each time they take a test for a belt.