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Taekwondo Black-Belt

Taekwondo Philosophy | ITF Philosophy

The ITF Philosophy

According to the ITF philosophy of taekwondo, this art is focused on the attainment and creation of a more peaceful existence. In order to achieve the creation of a peaceful world, taekwondo teaches that the beginning of peaceful interaction requires a focus on the individual. The individual is considered the foundation of the art and through practice one is able to develop character, a personality, and increase morality and ethics. Building on the foundation allows one to obtain positive attitudes and traits; thus, achieving the ultimate end goal.

What is Taekwondo Spirit

The original spirit of taekwondo comes from the most basic instincts to survive and was developed as a way to defend oneself by the way of the kick and punch (Tae -to kick, Kwon - blow with hand, and Do - way of life, school...


The Original Spirit of Tae Kwon Do

Korean ancestors endured many natural disasters and went through many restrictions in their ordinary life experiences. It was because of this that they learned to rely upon their spiritual connections found between themselves, nature and the heavens, the sun, moon and rain. The Han people eventually developed tribal and agricultural communities which, once established, enabled them to arrive at a seon or a sense of impeccable virtuousness which they placed first and foremost as their philosophical beliefs.