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Hong Ik Martial Arts of Mahwah Family Class Experience

January 29th, 2019

Reference from one friend and motivation from another is what brought me to Hong-Ik Martial Arts. After taking a trial class, I registered my son Ved. He was doing martial arts at another location in Allendale, I switched him to Hong Ik Martial Arts as a convenience to me, as it’s much closer to my home. My son Ved needed a place to take out all his energy, hyperactivity and his constant desire to be active. I knew Ved also needed to calm down and at times divert his energy to be able to focus on one thing and not jump between activities. Hong Ik Martial Arts provided that training and showed the path through meditation. Master Joe talks a lot to the kids, he explains the moves, disciplines them when they are goofy, encourages them to give their best and motivates them to keep going forward.

I wanted to do something for myself as well; that is when I decided to join Hong Ik Martial Arts and it’s the best decision I have made so far. I started my classes to get some physical exercise, possibly reduce weight and gain stamina, but soon I realized TKD is much more than physical strength. The energy cultivation techniques that Master Joe introduced me to, started to become my favorite part. Every class is like a meditation in itself. I forget about everything outside the four walls of the classroom and focus only on what Master Joe is teaching. His ability to explain and instruct every move is a motivation; which muscles are at work when we do a particular kick, where to focus during each form, how to control your breath. Don’t let the breath follow your heart rate, instead

make the heart follow your breath.

I started taking Ved with me for the adult class, again more as a convenience to me. Doing it as a family has helped me bond with my son. I use to complain that Ved is not a fast learner, his kicks are not strong, and his moves are not fast. But then when I started doing it myself, I realized how hard it is and that he is giving his best. I started discussing various issues with Master Joe, regarding concerns I had about my son Ved and he advised me in the right direction. I became more appreciative of him,

calmer as a person, more composed and a better mom.

The teachings of TKD have a definite structure, each belt focuses on a certain principle and inculcates the fundamentals not only through physical strength but also through mental challenges. Every student has an assignment to complete before they can move on to the next level. These assignments make you think about the precepts of honesty, self-control, perseverance and others. What examples of these do we come across in our daily lives and how to apply them — this gives us a different perspective to view them and much more.

I may not have yet lost the weight I intended, but have gained strength and stamina. I look forward to continuing my journey with Hong Ik Martial Arts in the coming years.

By Hetal Patel