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Oct. 2016 Black Belt Test

Candidates Meeting Tarrytown & New Rochelle: Saturday, 9/10/16  | Time: 1:30PM -2:00PM  Fair Lawn: To Be Announced Candidates under 18 years must attend with parents Attend all mandatory practice sessions: (DO NOT MISS) Sat. 9/24/16 – 1:00PM-4:00PM  | All candidates Thurs. 9/29/16 – 7:20PM-8:20PM | Tarrytown & New Rochelle candidates only Fri....

Kumyedo “Korean Authentic Swordsmanship”

• Founder; Grandmaster Jang, Hyo Seon • Philosophy of KUMYEDO   [심신합일→ 검신일여→ 우아일체]   ♦ Shim Shin Haab Il(심신합일); Unite Body and Mind as one →   ♦ Kum Shin Il Uh(검신일여); Sword and Body becomes one →   ♦ Woo Ah Il Che(우아일체); State of deep gratitude for blessing...

Tae Kwon Do One-Step List


When it comes to the world of martial arts, there are one-step techniques that will simulate an attack. This helps the practitioner to display their mastery level of the techniques that they are being taught. These steps are performed by having a student step forward, using an exaggerated step that is usually with the right leg, then throwing a reverse punch using the right hand. This makes it so that you can demonstrate the technique that you have on a stationary target. You can then counter the attack by using kicks, blocks and punches. One-step moves are usually used during testing for rank to show the judges the technique and timing that the student has.