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4 Taekwondo Practice Tips

The number one tip for practicing taekwondo is to learn how to be a good student. That might seem like an odd recommendation but it is very important. A lot of people simply do not know how to learn. Learning how to learn is the number one thing that everyone needs to develop in life. It means that you are able to take in information, filter it, and use what truly works for you. It also means that you need to be coach-able and that you know how to listen and take instruction properly.

The second thing that a taekwondo student must have is great instruction. You would not advance very far in taekwondo if you do not have good teachers. No matter how hard you try you just will not master this art if your instructors are not any good. So seek out quality teachers, those who truly love teaching, those who know how to help people learn and those who want others to learn. Only and instructor of this caliber will be able to truly help you achieve your goals in the martial art of taekwondo.

The third tip is that you need quality competition. You are only as good as who you face on a daily basis. If you are significantly better than everyone around you will not improve. Iron hardens iron. So look for competitive sparring partners, people who give you a front for your money, people who can beat you, people who are willing to tell you what type of mistakes you make so that you can improve. Also be that type of sparring partner for people who are not as good as you are. This creates an environment where everyone gets to learn and improve helping each other.

The fourth tip is to help other people. We kind of mentioned this in the last section. But one thing that truly helps people learn is teaching someone the information that they currently have. It helps to cement those ideas in your head, to make sure that you understand the fundamentals and that by teaching other people you’re actually teaching yourself.

Utilize these tips in your taekwondo skills will definitely improve. It is something that simply works, that takes time, that is a lot of fun to do and it is very rewarding. So get out there, practice more, practice hard and achieve your goals.