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Benefits of Qigong | Martial Arts (Part 2)

Accidents, whether serious or not so serious, often result in injuries to our joints, bones, and ligaments. In fact, these are the most vulnerable parts of the body in the case of an accident. Whenever you fall down, regardless of the cause, your joints will typically lock. This locking of joints is what brings about the breaking of that particular joint or an overstretching of ligaments. The fall can also subject the joints and bones to undue pressure that is often felt as a sharp pain.

Guidance for Improved Behavior

Guidance for Improved Behavior gives a helping hand to students in need of extra help or encouragement with anything they may be struggling with. For 21 days the student, Master and parents work together in a positive way to develop skills for improvement. Recently, Jakob worked...

black belt test

Black Belt Indoor Test (part IV) – One-Step Sparring

Black Belt Indoor Test
One-step sparring is part of the required adult curriculum at Yoo’s Martial Arts. Students learn how to counter punches using various effective blocks, kicks, sweeps, wrist locks and other techniques to force an opponent into submission. As with self-defense techniques, one-step sparring incorporates diverse techniques from Hapkido and Judo, allowing for effective strikes, restraints and takedowns.
— Written by SUSA Chief Carlos Stern