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2015 May Black Belt Indoor Test (part III) – Self-defense

Self-defense forms part of the required curriculum at Yoo’s Martial Arts. Many Taekwondo schools focus solely on sparring for tournament competition, which is important but limited in its practical application since it prohibits punching to the face (under World Taekwondo Federation rules). At Yoo’s Martial Arts the core curriculum of self-defense was conceived by Grand Master Yoo and aims at countering various attacks including punches, kicks, chokeholds, and knives. It incorporates diverse techniques from Hapkido and Judo.

— Written by SUSA Chief Carlos Stern


The Techniques, Forms and Lifestyle of Taekwondo

Taekwondo tradition requires that students wear belts that represent the levels of skill they possess. Belts of a solid color indicate a student has mastered this level, while belts that are striped indicate mastery in progress. All students begin with the simple white belt that represents innocence. As their training progresses they earn different colored belts.


The philosophy Of Taekwondo | Martial Arts

Building a more peaceful world is the philosophy of Taekwondo. It all starts with the individual. The foundation of the sport is the individual. The art of Taekwondo strives to build the personality, positive morals and character of the participant. It is only on the “foundation” of individuals who possess positive attitudes the end goal of the sport may be achieved. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the philosophy of Taekwondo.