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The philosophy Of Taekwondo | Martial Arts

Building a more peaceful world is the philosophy of Taekwondo. It all starts with the individual. The foundation of the sport is the individual. The art of Taekwondo strives to build the personality, positive morals and character of the participant. It is only on the “foundation” of individuals who possess positive attitudes the end goal of the sport may be achieved. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the philosophy of Taekwondo.

The philosophy Of Taekwondo

There are many positive traits that an individual can develop by participating in a sport such as Taekwondo. Some of these traits include courtesy, goodness, loyalty, humility, respect, trustworthiness, perseverance, self-control, integrity, patience and an indomitable Spirit. It takes quite a hard deal of work and training to reach all of these milestones of the sport. But there are very few individuals who go so far. The individual has to put forward a physical, mental and spiritual effort in order to achieve most of these virtues in life. The sport, when practiced correctly, will help mold a person into a well-rounded and responsible one. This way the individual will be able to pass onto others the good things in his or her life. This is done through his or her personal actions and teachings. This is the final aim or goal of Taekwondo.

Courtesy, Loyalty, Humility, Respect, Perseverance, Self-Control,

Through the sport, individuals unite to become a family. Families come together in order to form a community. Finally, communities will merge to form a nation full of disciplined individuals. This is why it is important for all individuals to participate in a sport like Taekwondo, no matter where they live in the world. Even though the sport originated in Korea centuries ago, it is spread across the world today. Most people love to participate in this sport due to the positive personality it helps develop in a person.

The physical strength a person gains through Taekwondo is merely well-developed mental and spiritual faculties. In fact, the sport nurtures the mental and spiritual aspects of a person more carefully. When a person is able to develop his or her mental and spiritual faculties, the physical strength and resolution will automatically develop. The final aim of the game is to have an individual develop his or her mental, spiritual and physical faculties further.