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MST – Masters and Susa Training

MST - Masters and Susa Training Feb 7th 2016 Purpose of Training Developing own skill Discussing better method of teaching Details of Training 1. Developing own skill – Partner Target Training !) Round house/Round house/Spinning round house kick !!) Round house/Round house/Back hook kick 2. Discussing better method of teaching !) What is the biggest...

susa Taekwondo benefit

Journey to Become Master Beusse

Recently a friend asked me what I felt the benefits of Tae Kwon Do training are for me and what I feel my purpose is now that I’ve joined the SUSA program, so I will try to explain.

Personally, the greatest benefit has been time spent with my family, especially my son David. When he was 5 years old he expressed interest in joining Yoo’s Martial Arts but he was too young for the children’s class. However, he could attend family classes if he were with a sibling or a parent! So he and I decided to do it together and we signed up immediately. David and I trained for 9 years together through every belt rank all the way to 3rd degree black belt. We had a great journey together that we’ll always remember.


What is The Taekwondo Spirit?

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that has strong traditional roots but also has some elements of science to it. Taekwondo, at its heart, is a fighting system, but it has some strong sporting elements and it also has internal elements, which help to develop the mental strength and the ethics of Taekwondo practitioners.