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The Way of Showing Respect Through SVA Training

To begin this training there are four steps to follow. These steps will bring you to the point of being able to deliver SVA (Smile Voice and Action) to your fellow students and others.

1. Build self-respect by through Jung-Ki-Shin training
2. Grow your self-confidence through Jung-Ki-Shin training
3. Share your achievements with others
4. Deliver SVA Energy to your fellow students, family and others

SVA Training

SVA is the energy that you put into your own training and that you can share when training with others.

Smile Energy – This is more than just smiling. It means keeping a positive attitude even in difficult conditions. Smile helps to release fear and grow confidence.
Voice Energy – Sound is one of the fundamental energies of the universe. Having a strong, confident voice when teaching, answering and speaking builds your own confidence and inspires those around you. A proper healthy sound helps to open one’s mind.
Action Energy – Taking positive action steps to do whatever is needed to help others. This can be anything, such as standing and running right away to people who need help and taking action right away if you think the action is good to do, or helpful. More action brings us self-trust.
Make the choice to take positive action today. Build up yourself so you can deliver SVA Energy to your friends, family and fellow students.