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Master Yoo’s Meditative squats-Taekwondo NJ

Meditative squats can provide numerous health benefits, including:
•Strengthening of weak leg muscles
•Renewed flexibility for stiff joints (ankles, knees, hips)
This exercise will bring you to an optimal condition called Saang Hur Ha Sil:
strong, firm, stable foundation (below navel)
flexible, relaxed, tension-free state (above navel)

Meditative martial arts Taekwondo

Method 1: for beginners

1.Gradually squat to 90 degrees while inhaling through nose
2.Slowlyrise again to standing position while exhaling through nose,
3.Keep your spine vertical throughout,4.,Repeat 50times

Meditative martial arts Taekwondo

Method 2: partner squats for those who struggle keeping vertical spine

1.Holding partner’s hands, follow same instructions as in method 1 above
2.Focus on keeping your spine aligned throughout, emphasizing lobster tail when reaching 90 degrees
3.Harmonize equalizing force when pulling each other back up to maintain good balance and alignment

Meditative martial arts Taekwondo

Method 3: (advanced)

  1. Follow same instructions as in method 1 above, but with palms together in front of chest
  2. Advanced Breathing (optional, avoid if you have high blood pressure):
    use danjun breathing (nose only), filling danjun on way down, holding breath on way up, and then exhaling while still in standing position, pulling belly button towards your spine

When finished with method 1, 2 or 3, perform Su-sik nine times.

General Tips:


  • vertical spine, straight line from Baek-hwe down to the Hoe-Eum
  • relax shoulders and chest
  • tiger toes to activate Yong-chun (sole of your foot)
  • when standing (in between squats) keep knees slightly bent and anus slightly tight


If you have high blood pressure, follow beginner’s respiration. If this makes you breathe heavily, then exhale through your mouth on the way up.

  • Beginners:
    • On the way down – inhale 3 seconds though your nose
      – focus on chest (warmth or expansion)
    • On the way up – exhale 3 seconds though your nose
      – focus on the end of your nose (gentle air release)
  • Advanced:
    • Follow Method 3 for breathing (*avoid this you have high blood pressure)
      Danjun (lower abdomen area) must be pushed out and in with each inhale and exhale


  • Free your mind from all thoughts….stop thinking!!
  • focus only on your breathing and posture