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Master Yoo’s Push-ups

General Posture

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• Palms are shoulder-width apart
If palms are too wide, this will eventually result in excessive vibration on your arms and lower Dahn-jun, causing you to lose energy
• Head line is straight, with eyes looking straight down
If you tuck your head up and look toward the front, it will bring heat energy too fast to your face because such angle blocks the cooling energy channel (Dok-Maek)
• Keep your bottom gently tight, tail bone in, keeping pressure on your lower Dahn-jun
• Thighs, calves and heels together
• Do not raise or lower your bottom
Raised bottom results in energy leaking through the Hoe-eum, and sinking bottom may cause lower back pain.


*Hoe-eum: located midway between sexual organ and anus

Meditative Push-ups: Slower pace — Longer time period — Higher repetition



Start with general posture and go down gradually until your face comes close to the floor, then gradually push up resuming general posture. Do not raise your bottom at this time.
Keep lower-abs tight Keep chest relaxed


• Inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up
• Breathe in and out through nose*
*If you have high blood pressure, exhale though your mouth


• Beginner- during inhale, focus between nipples
– during exhale, focus from chest to palms (release)
• Advanced: – during inhale, focus on Myung-moon to lower Dahn-jun
– during exhale, focus on lower Dahn-jun

Speed Push-ups: Fast pace — Shorter time period — Lower repetition

push up


Palms much wider than shoulder width, otherwise same posture as meditative push-up.
Keep elbows bent throughout (do not straighten fully or lock elbows on the way up).


• Inhale with 4 speed push-ups
• Exhale with 4 speed push-ups


• Beginner: – during inhale, focus between nipples
– during exhale, focus on palms
• Advanced: – during inhale, focus on Myung-moon
– during exhale, focus on lower Dahn-jun

Benefits of Push-ups:

General Benefits:

Development of upper-body muscles in chest, shoulders and arms
Fat burning in the abdomen and waist (especially from meditative push-ups)
Strengthening of abdominal and back muscles

Special Benefits:

• Meditative Push-ups: develop great Inner Power by overcoming your physical limit.
• Once you set the number of push-ups, never give up!
• Achieve your goal and feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment!
• Speed Push-ups: awaken and channel energy towards active and positive goals
• Kick out laziness

Master Yoo’s advice for your growth:

Start with 2x per week meditative push-ups, 1x per week speed push-ups.
Listen to your Deep Inner Voice. During meditative push-ups, ignore the voice of your physical body’s complaint (from pain in wrists, elbows, shoulders, lower back, etc.). Then you will truly fall in love with this training.