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Taekwondo: Martial Arts

Taekwondo, as in most martial arts, when practiced properly is a non-aggressive ethical form of self-defense.
With humble beginnings well over 1000 years ago, it has become renowned internationally as one of the more successful and more popular forms of martial arts. Those practicing taekwondo learn both physical and mental discipline. They are physically fit and if need be, they can defend themselves. Not only is taekwondo a combat sport, it’s also a way of life.

Origin of Taekwondo

The word is created via three separate words that originate in Chinese and Korean. Tae means to kick or to jump. Kwon means your fist or your hand and Do means the way. In short, the way of the hand and foot.

Famous for its kicks, it also encourages break power. From splitting wood and bricks by using the hands and the feet, there are many techniques used for training including punching, kicking, jumping, dodging, parrying as well as blocking. It also puts focus on sparring and formal patterns referred to as ‘forms’.

Supported by the ATA, the style has been developed over the course of 20 years and is easy for anyone who wishes to learn. Learning taekwondo is to learn the strength as well as the beauty of the art.

Instructors of Taekwondo teach their students to the best of their training. Many students are already fit when they begin, others must lose some weight and will definitely do so in the course of learning. Remember, everyone must start somewhere and if a 65 year old adult can start and still earn a black belt, so can you, no matter what level of fitness you’re at when you begin. You’re never compared to anyone else. You’ll always be in competition with yourself to break your own record, not that of someone else. Instructors will be with you every step of the way and you’re going to learn it from the ground up. All it takes is the determination and willingness to try.

There are many great benefits to learning Taekwondo:

Fitness | Taekwondo

You’ll learn fitness via the principles of the sport. You’ll be using muscles in your core and you’ll learn speed that will help you to develop agile muscles in both your arms and your legs. In time, you’ll learn to combine the speed and power. You’ll learn to concentrate and focus your strength to a hard surface such as the edge of your hand or foot in order to break a board.

Self Defense | Taekwondo

Through the speed and power you’ll learn to defend yourself against an attacker. You’ll learn your attackers vulnerable parts and how to injure them. Women will learn that they are stronger than they think and that they have power in their legs. They can learn self defense techniques against much larger persons. Just knowing how to defend yourself is empowering. This empowerment exudes self confidence and by the very nature sends off vibes to potential attackers that they don’t want to be messing with you.

Self Confidence | Taekwondo

For many of us this doesn’t come naturally. However, it can be learned and created over the course of time. Thus, by learning taekwondo you’ll learn to accomplish your goals, develop self confidence and defend yourself when needed. This can cross over into everything that you do in life.