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Hong Ik Martial Arts of New Rochelle – 2020 January HST

This month’s HST was held on January 19th, 2020 in Tarrytown. Grand Master Yoo led the class with a 3 sequence Ki Gong form.  He had previously taught a 4 corners personal training routine for Susas and Hyunsas to incorporate in their daily practice which had many principles that carried over into what was gone over that day.  Specifically the transitions from one Aghoopigi stance to the next where one should set up the hands, squat down, then point the heel out before moving into the finish of a block punch combination.  The purpose of the day’s Ki Gong form was to cultivate metal energy, to be centered and unwavering.  The Hyunsa Susa group then moved into exercises to develop fire energy.  This was done with a combination of roundhouse kick, back hook kick, slide back roundhouse kick, slide back back hook kick on the focus targets.  This was followed by small groups discussion on what parts felt needed more work.  Masters in four different groups gave advice on what tips could help moving forward in this specific drill.  The physical training concluded with stop and go sprinting to improve athletic explosiveness.Ji Do Ja Nim then reviewed The Way of Showing Respect through SVA training.  One must build confidence through Jung Choong, Ki Jang, Shin Myung Training.  This means keeping good physical health, being emotionally mature and stable, and having a bright positive brain.  Once this kind of true self respect is achieved, then the individual should share this great energy with others.  The human being should share the brightness of their brain through their smile, deliver the compassion and warmth of their open mind/heart through their clear voice, and use their physical strength by taking actions, wherever necessary, to help others, without hesitation.  This should be practiced in their daily life towards the family first, and then all people of the world.