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賢 士 현사 HYUN SA

  1. How to become a HyunSa

The level of HyunSa is awarded to those black belts who reach 4th degree black belt and graduate from the SUSA training program, achieving the highest (Chief) SUSA rank. The meaning of Hyun is benevolent or compassionate, and Sa means a person who is engaged in deep study. Those who achieve 4th degree black belt without going through the SUSA program can reach the level of Sabumnim, or Master, which is one level below HyunSa.

2. HyunSa Physical Conditioning

In order to achieve and maintain optimal physical conditioning on your journey towards HyunSa, it is important to improve strength, endurance, and speed. 

Strength of muscles and joints can effectively be improved by cultivating strength through Chun Ki Gong, Ji Ki Gong, and Hap Ki Gong. Specifically, we recommend squats, push-ups, and sit-ups.  These routines will improve the strength and power of your kicks and punches, and will also help you avoid injuries that are often a result of weakness or overcompensation for weak muscles and joints.

Endurance is essential to optimal performance in Martial Arts, particularly in sparring. Training one’s cardiovascular system will give you an edge over your opponent, especially as you both struggle to sustain your energy throughout multiple rounds. You may have had a similar experience when trying to keep your energy level up during long promotion exams such as the black belt test.  An optimal way to improve your endurance is to engage in activities such as running or biking, once or twice a week. Ideally you should try to do these outside, connecting with Mother Nature.

Speed is another critical tool for an aspiring HyunSa. Without speed, techniques can be ineffective and lacking in power (speed brings power). For speed training, shadow sparring emphasizing footwork can be very effective. Another valuable method to improve speed and explosiveness is performing knee-ups against a wall. If you have a training partner, pad kicking drills are also essential.  

 3.HyunSa Emotional Management

As one moves up to black belt and beyond, managing one’s emotions is crucial to achieve consistency and focus while remaining calm. Ji-gaam training can help one sustain calmness and level emotions, without experiencing rollercoaster highs and lows. Simply focusing on sensations between the palms (warmth, pulse, tingling, electricity, waves, and pressure) is a powerful method. When one is centered, it is easier to know the appropriate time and amount of benevolence, respect, justice, and wisdom one needs to apply in different life circumstances.      

4. HyunSa Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual awareness relates to ability to focus on what the right thing to do is in this life. It also entails improving one’s life daily habits. A good starting point is awakening one’s concentration through persistence and relaxation. Joshik meditation (same number of seconds for both inhale and exhale) is a daily tool at your disposal, releasing distracting thoughts and cutting off attachments by focusing on breath work. No equipment is needed, just some quiet space and a comfortable cushion for extended sitting periods. Do not enforce extending breath at all, just let it be. Just be patient and your inhale/exhale breathing time will extend naturally over time. Consistent practice allows one to gradually free oneself from unnecessary attachments such as excessive pleasure, food, sleep, desire, anxiety, etc.