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We are excited to announce HISA – the HONG IK SPIRIT AWARD

HISA is a program designed to motivate all Hong Ik Martial Arts students to achieve higher levels of success in their martial arts journey so that they may express their fullest potential.

Effort, Focus, Respect, Progress, Harmony, Strength, Justice.

How are these qualities realized? Are we born with them, or are they cultivated?
At Hong Ik Martial Arts, we value these characteristics deeply. Our curriculum and daily approach are designed to guide our students to grow their mind, body and spirit by developing these essential attributes.

What is HISA?

The Hong Ik Spirit Award “HISA” will recognize one student each month who has demonstrated exceptional attention and achievement in that month’s theme.

We start off this year’s HISA with FEBRUARY’S THEME OF EFFORT

At the end of this month, one student will be awarded the HISA for Effort.
This student will have shown consistent and remarkable effort in training and spirit.

They will receive special recognition and will be eligible for the HISA Student of the Year award. That student will be recognized for having demonstrated fully and sincerely all of the monthly HISA goals.

Here is a full list of each month’s HISA theme:

FebruaryEffort Month
MarchFocus Month
AprilProgress (Most improved) Month
May:Positive Mind Month
JuneRespect Month
JulyHome Behavior Month
AugustStrength Month
SeptemberJustice Mind Month
OctoberHarmony Month
NovemberDiscipline Month
DecemberDetermination Month

Each HISA recipient will receive:
A special Trophy marking their achievement.
A special T-Shirt indicating their name and achievement
A HISA celebration for up to 3 friends.

…Stay tuned for the announcement of our first ever HISA student!