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Tae Kwon Do One-Step List


When it comes to the world of martial arts, there are one-step techniques that will simulate an attack. This helps the practitioner to display their mastery level of the techniques that they are being taught. These steps are performed by having a student step forward, using an exaggerated step that is usually with the right leg, then throwing a reverse punch using the right hand. This makes it so that you can demonstrate the technique that you have on a stationary target. You can then counter the attack by using kicks, blocks and punches. One-step moves are usually used during testing for rank to show the judges the technique and timing that the student has.

Beginner | Tae Kwon Do

This move is a one-step technique that can be used by a student that is a beginner. Step forward while at a 45 degree angle using the right foot, block the punch using the inside-out forearm block using the left hand. At the same time, you need to throw a punch using the right hand to the face of the attacker.

Intermediate | Tae Kwon Do

If you are testing for green belt, the judges want to see you to a kick or two. Step out positioned at a 45 degree angle using the left leg, then block the punch with an outer forearm block using the right arm. Lift up the right leg and then throw a roundhouse kick the the face of the attacker. Put the foot down, while punching the attacker in the face at the same time using the right hand and then the body using the left hand. If possible, try to land both of these punches before the right leg is back on the floor.

Advanced | Tae Kwon Do

If you are a red or brown belt, the judges will normally look for technique, timing and kicks that are more advanced. Stepping using the left leg as the attacker punches, simultaneously block and grab their punch using the right arm. Then, throw a right leg side kick to the ribs of the attacker while using the arm for forcing their arm downward. Next, place the right leg up close to the left foot while you are setting the foot on the ground. Here is where you need to turn and throw the left leg spinning thrust kick into the solar plexus of the attacker.

Black Belt| Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do judges are always going to be looking for jumping and spinning techniques when you are at this level. You can use an outer forearm block using the left arm simultaneously with a punch to the attacker in the face using the right hand. You can follow this up with a good left leg roundhouse kick into the ribs of the attacker. Sit the left foot down close to the right foot and then jump straight up unto the air, spinning around to give them a jump spinning hook kick right into the head.