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2016 August HST Training — Mt. Taurus Hiking


2016 August HST Training – Mt. Taurus Hiking

• Time & Date: 7:00 am, Sunday, August 7th 2016*
• Meeting Place: Yoo’s Martial Arts, Tarrytown
• Destination: Mt. Taurus
Cold Spring, NY (~45 min. from Tarrytown)
• Total hiking distance: 4.5 miles
• Total hiking time: approx. 3 hours

Items to bring in backpack:
– 1 bottle of water and 1 bottle of Gatorade- 1 big beach towel
– Tissues and snacks
– Insect repellent (Off! or similar)
– 1 extra T-shirt

How to prepare for August HST?
– Practice 5 min. of Jigaam** training every night before going to bed
(**refer to Susa to become Apprentice booklet)
– Parents: please note that you are welcome to join SUSA son/daughter for hiking

• Trail Guide and trainer; Grandmaster Yoo and Chun Shim HyunSaNim

** Important: SUSAs must confirm attendance by 8/5/2016 for car pool arrangements **

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