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SUSA Lucia’s class at Colombia

On my recent trip to Colombia, I visited my friend who teaches school in a rural area. Most of the children’s parents are farmers or have some role in the agricultural business. My family had collected a plethora of school supplies to be distributed amongst the students. While I was visiting the school, my friend had announced that I was from the United States and that I taught tae kwon do. The children’s interest peaked and kindly asked if I could teach some basic English and demonstrate a little bit of tae kwon do. After teaching English, instead of demonstrating tae kwon do I decided it would be more interesting if I lined them up and had them practice as if they were a class in a dojang. Many of them excelled in basic techniques and surpassed my expectations. They all thanked me for my interest in helping them and I had a wonderful time with them. This experience was extremely rewarding and I was more than pleased that I was able to share some of my knowledge with others who were extremely excited about this learning opportunity.

– Written by SUSA student Lucia Robinson