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2016 May Black Belt Ceremony




On May 28th Yoo’s Martial Arts in Tarrytown held a Black Belt Ceremony. Twenty-three students were in attendance to celebrate a major accomplishment – reaching the rank of 1 st degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. Families and friends joined them in recognizing their 2½ – 3 years of hard work and dedication. Several masters were present, including Grand master Yoo, Master Myung Duk, Master Kim, Master Shin Min and Master Ji Sun. Both Master Kim and Master Myung Duk followed a traditional presentation, individually awarding each student their respective black belt, with traditional bows displaying deepest humility, respect and appreciation.

Grand master Yoo commended everyone’s efforts and then invited some of the candidates to share their personal feelings, their gratitude towards their parents, and their goals in furthering the Hong-Ik mission of YMA.

We congratulate all new black belts and wish them great success in their ongoing journey and continued dedication.

– Reported by Susa Carlos Stern