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The Philosophy of Taekwondo


Building a more peaceful world is what the philosophy of Taekwondo is all about. To reach this goal is reached by starting from the individual, the foundation. The art strives to help each practitioner develop their personality, character as well as ethical traits and positive morals. The “end goal” can be achieved based on the “foundation” of individuals who possess these positive characteristics and attitudes.

The positive aspects of an individual’s personality that Taekwondo strives to help develop are: courtesy, trustworthiness, humility, patience, perseverance, an indomitable spirit, respect, goodness, loyalty, courage, integrity, self-control and a sense of responsibility that compels them to respect and help all forms of life.

This requires extensive training which is very intense, there are many who do not complete every goals and acquire perfection in every one of the above mentioned aspects. This is however an effort that the individual must put forward which is physical as well as spiritual and mental, this is what develops the positive image and attributes of the individual as well as how the perceive others.

By helping to mold each individual in a responsible and well-rounded human being, the principles they have learned through their Taekwondo are something they can then impart to others, not only through their teachings but also through their personal actions. These causes individuals to become united and families to come together forming a community, communities can then merge and become a nation, nations are what the present day world is made of.

In the spirit of helping to build a world that is more peaceful, Taekwondo begins with a single person at a time. Gradually groups are formed, schools called dojangs emerge and organization develops until the philosophies of Taekwondo have positively influenced enough individuals, families, communities and nations. This will hopefully someday bring about the unification of nations with the same goal of helping each other in every way.

This is not an easy task, much like the metamorphosis each individual experiences beginning with the white belt, moving on to the black belt and eventually attaining Master the transition of united nations through laws of peace is a task and process which is long and arduous. This unification is something Taekwondo strives for.

Taekwondo does not care about your race, nationality or creed, they are all one in the same. What Taekwondo reaches toward is the complete development of the individual as well as a peaceful world being founded. Regardless of the color of skin, the religion that is practiced, regardless of nationality, what we all seek is the same and that is peace.

This peace will only ever be achieved if each individual finds peace within themselves. Taekwondo causes an individual to reach for the cultivation of inner peace as well as the development of an individual who is responsible and well rounded.

The physical aspects associated with Taekwondo are simply a by-product of the art. What is nurtured and born with Taekwondo is that spiritual and mental development of each individual. Through the cultivation and maturity of each individual of all the aspects of Taekwondo which are: physical, spiritual and mental, are how the philosophy of Taekwondo can be attained. Once these aspects have been properly instilled in an individual the complete maturation will begin a chain reaction that, with the help of God will help bring about a world that is more peaceful.

Taekwondo is doing what it can to help build a world that is more peaceful, personally, as an instructor I am doing the best I can to reach this goal. You, as a Taekwondo practitioner are doing your part to set the path for a peaceful unification of the world. The task ahead of us is not an easy on, it may be a goal we do not see fulfilled during our life on earth, however the seeds we are planting now, will one day take root and blossom into that Taekwondo philosophy which is complete and positive development of every individual and a world that is peaceful.