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August HST Training- Hiking on Mt. Taurus


The trip we had taken in the woods was quite aninteresting one. At first before leaving, I had enjoyedgoing out in nature and not having it be a run. But when we got there I immediately felt as though I was connected with nature. The smell and scenery had just hit me. Although the trail was somewhat difficult considering I have never gone hiking before, the pitstops between us going up the mountain were very helpful to regain the energy that I had used while climbing the mountain. The scenery from each point on the mountain was amazing; the horizon had been a magnificent view. When at the top of the mountain we started the meditation. At first it was difficult for me;this is because it wasn’t an enclosed environment like at home. Another difficulty was the wind which seemed to almost disrupt the force between my hands when doing chi gaam. But eventually the wind seemed to start to calm down and I felt I had gotten the hang of it and was able to dismiss all distraction.


Afterwards we had started down the mountain. When walking down the hill I felt that it was a time to admire nature rather than to connect to it, like when going up the mountain. The structure of the rocks and trees were interesting considering I had just finished earth science in 10th grade (last year), thus making it a learning experience outside of TKD as well. If I had the choice of doing it again I definitely would but I wouldn’t want to do it badly enough to do it on my own. Looking back at it all, I think that next time I will definitely put on more bug spray.


– Written by Susa Apprentice Luke William