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All You Need To Know About The Philosophy Of Taekwondo

The various taekwondo associations and federations (ITF, GTF, Kukkiwon/WTF, ATA, and many more) all express their philosophy of the martial art in a different manner. While the philosophies differ greatly, there are several constant themes present due to the adherence to the code of the Hwarang. The Hwarang are groups of young scholar-warriors existing in the middle-age Korea timeframe using taekwondo as a philosophical grounding. The foundation or core of the philosophies based on this code includes common themes, such as:

– Respect for teachers and parents.
– Promoting peaceful interactions.
– Courtesy.
– Integrity.
– Self-control.
– Perseverance

The following table briefly summarizes the philosophies and tenents of some common styles of taekwondo.

Hwarang Code 3

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