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My first MST (Master and SUSA training)


What is the curriculum of the day?

I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first SUSA training. An email was sent out to think about the biggest issue in teaching round house kick to white belts and what would be a better method. I assumed it was going to be additional instructor and teaching technique training for the next hour and a half. As we were warming up and going through the drills I was still waiting for the topic of the day to come up.


Go with the flow.

During my training with Master Yoo I have learned to relax more and go with the flow. Just like a sparring match focus on what is in front of you. You can’t control or anticipate what your opponent will do.



Fair Lawn is a smaller school with limited space and time. Training sessions are 50 minutes to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule. Warm-up takes 10 minutes, curriculum 15 minutes, drills are 20 minutes and 5 minutes is dedicated for breathing exercise. It is nice to practice drills for over an hour. Pushing my heart, my body and challenging my mind. I have not had such an exhilarating training session in a long time. It brought back lost memories when classes were 2 hours long.
I learned a lot during this session. It is wonderful working with others and interacting with new partners. Learning new ways and methods to accomplish the same task. My new partners help push me harder and further in this session. Thank you!



Encouragement, positive thoughts and strong mind. These are teaching from the masters. At the end of the session my body was aching. However, my mind was satisfied with the outcome. I feel young again. I am happy with who I am and the energy I was able to channel during the class. Martial arts is a way of life. Training last a life time. I am committed.

Richard Yip
SUSA Student
Yoo’s Martial Arts Fair Lawn New Jersey