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Letter from Nicolai Dillow, father to Max and Leila

A short note in an effort to thank Master Yoo and the entire team at Hong Ik Martial Arts for continuing operations in a safe and organized manner. We are especially appreciative of your efforts in light of the fact that you have given our children an opportunity to achieve their goal of earning their black belt in the midst of the pandemic.  In the process, you provided us with a sliver of normalcy which was much appreciated, if not needed.

The black belt test itself provided the right combination of fanfare and suspense to make it a memorable affair for the students. We were all especially impressed by Master Yoo’s introductory flag dance, which perfectly set the tone for the event.

Again, thank you so much for providing us with a first class martial arts experience even under the most difficult of circumstances. Your attention to safety was appreciated and always noted, but never seemed to interfere with your instruction and overall dojang experience.

Nicolai Dillow, father to Max and Leila, age 11

Check out students tackling the Black Belt Indoor Test, and Grand Master Yoo performing a ceremonial flag dance to open the event!