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HST June 16 – Hong Ik Martial Arts

Hong Ik Martial Arts

HST-Hyunsa and SuSa Training

Sunday June 16th, 2019

This month’s HST was held on June 16th in Tarrytown. Despite it also being Father’s Day, we had a surprisingly high turnout.

Following a group warmup, Grand Master Yoo led the class with a series of Qigong punching and elbow striking routines. This was followed by challenging spinning crescent kick combinations as well as reaction training, with one partner randomly feeding targets and the other reacting with round house kicks at various distances, angles and heights. Students were then divided into several groups to compete in fun team building activities involving paper plates, with one team trying to turn all plates upside down (displaying the X drawn on the bottom) and the other team trying to turn them right side up (hiding the X).  

After a short water break, all SuSA and Hyunsa moved into the lecture room for the day’s topic of discussion: Tai Chi-Qigong. Grand Master Yoo walked us through the meaning behind Tai Chi-Qigong. We reviewed the three types of energy: ChunKi, JiKi and InKi (Heavenly Sky energy, Earth energy, and Human energy), InKi being attainable only to humans, setting us apart from all other beings on Earth. This distinction makes humans the most precious of all beings, connecting Heavenly Sky energy and Earth energy. Our maturity of ChunKi will determine our spiritual brightness or darkness, and our maturity of JiKi will determine our physical strength or weakness. We need to realize which energy we need to develop more in order to grow sincerely and lead a less self-centered and more devoted life.

Written by Chun Shim Hyunsa (Master Carlos Stern)