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Hong Ik Martial Arts Home Online Training Review

“First of all, I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy and safe. Yaseen (and all of us) really miss you and taekwondo and hope things can return to normal soon.

Thank you for sharing the videos to keep us refreshed as we practice. Yaseen has been happy to follow along and keep up – I’ve also been happy to re-learn the orange belt curriculum with him 🙂

Thank you so much and again, please wish everyone our very best.”

— Mother of Yaseen E. (and former Black Belt student)

“I really like these 2 videos. I’ve studied the 7 chakras before but the 3 gates and 4 processing centers were a new way for me to understand them. Thank you for creating and sending these.”

— Diane F. (Mother of Jack and Kate)

“Thank you so much for this!!! This will be a game changer. Blake has been teaching me the Taekwondo stretches each day, even by putting on her uniform to do so, but this will make our daily ritual much more fulfilling. We miss you all terribly and hope we can get back to or normal routines sooner than later. Stay safe and keep smiling! We’re in this together.”

— Gina N. (Mother of Blake)