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Benefits of Qigong | Martial Arts

There are so many of benefits of qigong. Below is a list of some of the reasons why qigong (Martial Arts) is as effective as an exercise for our modern times.

Qigong | Martial Arts
1. Muscle Loosening Power Building Qigong
2. Strengthening The Organs
3. Improve Cardio Pulmonary Function
4. Strengthen The Nerves
5. Improve Vascular Function
6. Able To Be Used By Those Seriously Ill
7. Helps Prevent Injury to Joints, Ligaments and Bones
8. Speeds Recovery Time from Injuries and Operations
9. Builds Athletic and Martial Arts Power
10. Eases Stress and Balances Emotions
11. Benefits Sedentary Workers and Meditators

Muscle Loosening Power Building Qigong

Qigong , Martial Arts is different than any other form of martial arts or exercise that you’ve ever tried before. It works to help build your strength in an effortless manner. Offering up both power and looseness you’re sure to feel pumped up after you try this workout. Most exercises work with the body to help contract muscles, this prevents the free flow of the chi even when you’re gaining flexibility and strength.

Internal arts help to work on the goal in lieu of the muscle power. Instead of straining and fighting to gain momentum, they are working to open the channels and allow the energy to flow freely through the body.

Strengthening The Organs

Working with the body, qigong exercise program in Yoo’s Martial Arts, help you gain strength and balance to your internal organs. By utilizing many techniques you’re able to recover from such things as hepatitis, tuberculosis or even from heart attacks. Even those who aren’t’ suffering from serious illnesses can greatly benefit from qigong. Nearly everyone has a weakness and this exercise is sure to help address each individual issue.

Improve Cardio Pulmonary Function

Many think that the only way they can strengthen their heart is to do aerobics. However, qigong is also helpful. It can help to slow the breathing and regulate it. It can create energy when there wasn’t any. It uses energy movement to help push the oxygen deeper into the body than regular exercise can.

A good example is the qigong student that held a normal, sedentary job in an office. With virtually no-aerobics, and a brother who is a mountaineer, this person wasn’t at all in shape. When his brother invited him to visit in Colorado he knew he had to do something. By using qigong he was not only able to keep up, but he as actually able to get ahead of his brother who often did aerobics to stay in shape.

Strengthen The Nerves

The nerves are messengers in the body. Chi flows through the nerves telling the various tissues what to do and when to do it. Although most of us don’t have any awareness of our nerves, the truth is that those who do qigong learn to feel them and how their energy flow is.

Since the nerves are messengers, they ferry messages from the body to the mind and this is how we know something isn’t quite right. As the qigong works it helps the body to ‘stay in touch’ with the communicators in the nerve system. As it strengthens via practice, the nerves are stronger and the body awareness becomes more acute. Those who are struggling with poor coordination and other issues will greatly benefit from qigong and the total experience that it provides them with. It bases the practice on helping the body to coordinate the entire nervous system.

Chi works as an intermediary from the body to the mind and back via the nerve impulses. With practice, users will feel each ebb and flow individually. It’s not unusual in the art to learn the mind moves the chi and then the chi in return moves the body. This is true from the start. Many beginners are startled to discover this and at first they don’t anticipate how it works.

Thanks to the ability of chi to work the nervous system, It can greatly relieve stress on a daily basis and it can help to rebuild the body when it’s undergone long term stress.

Improve Vascular Function

Aerobics work by increasing the circulation and thus forcing the heart to exercise. It improves the circulation in the body, increases elasticity to the blood vessels and helps to maintain a normal blood pressure. All issues are caused by faulty vascular systems. It’s not unusual in China for a doctor to prescribe qigong to help improve all of these conditions.

Able To Be Used By Those Seriously Ill

While those using the Western forms of exercise are working on motion and resistance to encourage their bodies to be stronger, qigong works to help them maintain their muscular system and mind. Those who are bedridden or seriously ill can’t get out of bed and work out.

However, qigong martial arts have many specific motions that can help no matter where the person is. By using movements to help them regain mobility it actually works on the mind and the body at the same time. Thus, it’s excellent for say the terminally ill cancer patient as well as those who are bedridden. Even if the person can’t stand for very long, qigong can help them to regain movement and they can do it lying down or standing.

– To be continued –