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6th MST (Masters, SUSA Training) July 10, 2016 1:00pm – 2:30pm


The focus of this MST will be advanced stretching and rolling techniques.

Warm Ups (10 Minutes)
Standing Warm Ups – Ji Sun Sabumnim
Partner Warm Ups – C.S. Sabumnim

Internal Heat/Full Body Warm Ups – Myung Duk Sabumnim (10 Minutes)

Advanced Stretching (40 Minutes)
– Hamstrings
– Hip Openers
– Side Splits
– Front Splits
– Twisting/Back stretches
– Partner Stretches
– Strength training while stretching

Advanced Rolling (20 Minutes)
– Basic somersaults
– Basic rolling, Il Dan 1-3
– Jump rolling, Il Dan 1-3
– Jump over shields, Il Dan 1-3

Meditation and Review (10 Minutes)
– Discuss resistance to intense stretching and rolling
– Discuss methods to help students overcome their own fears

Required training before MST
– Black belts to review basic Il Dan rolling 1-3
– All SUSA focus on stretching, 10 minutes/day
– Masters prepare to discuss how to help students overcome fears

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