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The new monthly Masters and SUSA Training class is another unique opportunity offered at Yoo’s Martial Arts. The format of these training classes involves the Masters at Yoo’s Martial Arts alternating as the lead of each monthly 90 minute class for SUSAs. SUSA is the program to train and develop as an instructor.
The Master will lead the class in areas of development for the SUSA’s marital arts and teaching skills. The Master will teach in areas they are personally most specialized in, areas they feel are important and sometimes in areas they enjoy the most. SUSAs benefit from this focused class by gaining insights that they can use when they are teaching. Interestingly other Masters, when not teaching this class, will participate as students and develop new skills too.


My first reaction was excitement about having a new time during the week to train. Going in for training on Sundays felt special and the session lived up to that feeling too. These classes are truly energetic. A Sunday session may seem to be like just adding another class but I have found the training to be very focused and detailed. As Master Yoo often points out, it’s about the quality of the training not the quantity and that’s what this class is all about.
I quickly realized I appreciate the advanced level of these sessions. It is led by a Master with a class comprised of SUSAs and other Masters and it becomes a strong group of people who are all working together while giving their best effort.
In the few months since the class began we’ve seen specialized training in teaching techniques and sparring techniques with Master Shinmin (Master Patrick Malonso). We’ve worked on the execution of kicks with correct form and precision with Master Myung Duk (Master Drew Vanover) as well. In these classes you could see the effort lead to progress.
Most recently we worked on some very different aspects of martial arts training. In the April class we did front & back rolling, head stands, frog jumping and monkey running… and then there was wall running, yes wall running … you have to see it to believe it but with the way the class was led we gradually worked our way up and finished the day with taking a couple of running steps on the wall. This is something many of us have never attempted or even thought about doing before. Thank you Master Ji Sun (Master Joe Lipman) this was a truly unique experience and a great class.
I’m looking forward to what the Master Yoo and Master Kim will teach at the upcoming MST Classes, I’m sure it will be interesting.
Written by SUSA
Ed Beusse