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The Ranking Depicted By Taekwondo Belts

Tae Kwon Do Belts

Set of Tae Kwon Do Belts isolated on white

Colored belts are used to denote student progress in his or her training toward the black belt. Each color of the belt is used to denote the skill set that the student has acquired. Taekwondo curriculum is not fixed, students grades and their performance is determined by the school. For instance in Songahm Taekwondo belts are used as a way to denote one’s level. Each belt achieved is always truly treated with respect since earning it means you worthy of the accomplishment.

The following are the Ata Songahm Taekwondo Belts (Ranks)

The White Belt

This belt is used to characterize anyone who starts to train. It symbolizes lack of knowledge on Taekwondo. Every instructor was once a white belt and they have a long journey, this belt does not require any test. It is a part of the first Taekwondo uniform or Dobok.

Yellow Belt

In many schools these is your next belt. This belt is used to symbolize the earth, in which your foundations of your Taekwondo are natured to allow a lovely plant to grow.

Camo belt (camouflage)

The student is now starting to understand his or her own place in the planet’s biggest martial art. The student should now start to fight with a certain goal to allow him or her to advance in rank. Camouflage (greens) is utilized to hide among the trees in the woods.

Green Belt

The students system is gaining power. The parts of the essential strategies are starting to work as one.

Purple Belt

The student has skills and has graduated to a higher level of Taekwondo. The procedures, poom-sae (structures), and level of gyeo-roo-gi (competing) gets to be more troublesome, making a “mountain” that must be overcome.

Blue Belt

Having succeeded in the mid-point, the student centers his or her vitality upward toward the black belt.

Brown Belt

To earn this belt it shows that the student has learned the basics and understands the basics of Taekwondo.

Red Belt

This belt indicates that the Taekwondo training period is reaching its termination. Physical expertise has been achieved but the student lacks control; therefore, physical and mental order should now be achieved.

Black Belt

This belt is colored black because it is created after all the colors in the light spectrum have been assimilated. This shows that the student has taken control. It also shows that the student has learned all the levels involved in taekwondo training.