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The Benefits Of Taekwondo For Meditation Training

Understanding one’s inner self is a major part of participating in the practice of meditation. The benefits are numerous including lowering high blood pressure, decreasing stress related tension, improving the immune system and most importantly the strengthening of one’s energy, referred to as prana. The same can be said of studying martial arts as it has similar helpful advantages for health. Combine the two and the benefits would only be multiplied however numerous questions do come up about how practicing something like Taekwondo would be distracting for one who is looking to bring peace to their mind through meditation. This is not so and something we will discuss here.

For many beginners in meditation, a good way to coach them is to let the practitioners focus first on breathing. By developing a good breathing pattern, one can then concentrate on furthering their skill to tap into the more spiritual side of themselves. So at first, really working on breathing properly will lead to improvement in all areas of meditation.

Taekwondo can help in this regard since performing the movements required in that martial art will depend quite a bit on managing breathing. So in this way, building up the stamina through Taekwondo patterns will increase one’s lung capacity, which then leads to improved breathing that can then be honed through meditation.

The sheer concentration on the movements required to properly learn Taekwondo patterns also lead to improved focus, another benefit to meditation. Attending a class will help one stick to a schedule. This same structure should be applied to meditation practice since if one has a consistent meditation routine, the mind will be easier to settle into a rhythm. By developing that discipline through Taekwondo, it is much easier to do the same in meditation.

Lastly, to reach the pinnacle of martial arts training, one must train their mind. It is not simple to be relaxed when facing another opponent, but this must be the state one must achieve in order to properly assess the situation. By calmly seeing the openings and reacting to advances, it will seem almost effortless through a focused mind. This is why young and brash fighters usually lose fights in the beginning, despite a huge advantage in strength. They lack the power of a focused mind.

So as one can see, both the practice of the martial art of Taekwondo and meditation are beneficial to each other. Try it out and see what we mean.