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The Basic Types Of Taekwondo Kicks

Taekwondo is a traditional martial art form, and it has its base in Korea. When translated, Taekwondo means being the way of the hand and foot. Therefore, it is natural to think that a large part of this martial art is dependent on kicking techniques. In fact, these techniques are taught very thoroughly in the majority of Taekwondo classes.

Although the manner that some of these techniques are taught may vary depending on the school that you attend, there are basic types of kicks that are common. These are the kicks that need to be mastered before students can earned a coveted rank in Taekwondo.

Front Snap Kick

This kicking technique is also referred to as the snap kick. It is executed by raising a knee to the waist and then kicking that leg out in a smooth manner towards the target. This is a simple, yet effective kick. In fact, this is one of the first types of kicks that are taught to new students. It can take a significant amount of training to master the front snap kick, but once it is perfected, it will be the student’s most powerful self-defense technique.

The Side Thrust

This is another very powerful kick in Taekwondo, and when it is delivered it has the ability disable an opponent. However, the student must be focused and deliver the kick with full force. This type of kick is similar to the front snap kick. The only difference is that the student must turn to a ninety degree angle before kicking the target.

Reverse Side Kick

The reverse side kick is another modification of the front snap kick and the side thrust. The kick is delivered while the student is in a spinning motion. The added motion allows the student to deliver the kick with more force.

Round Kick

The round kick is one of the more difficult kicks to master in Taekwondo. The kick involves a roundabout on the non-kicking foot while the other knee is raised to the waist to deliver a kick at a ninety degree angle. This kick should only be taught after the student has successfully learned the previously described kicks.

Jump Kicks

There are a wide variety of jump kicks in Taekwondo. A jump can be initiated in any kick including the reverse side kick, side thrust or front snap kick. Sometimes these kicks can turn into flying kicks due to the kicking style combined with this technique.

Taekwondo is a popular martial art form for perspective students to learn. They can become healthy, fit and can learn critical self-defense techniques.