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Proper Posture to Increase Energy Level

Martial arts 1) Straight vertical line from Baek-Hwe to Hoe-eum*
2) Relax both shoulders and drop elbow joint slightly lower than shoulders
3) Bend wrist 90degrees
4) Do not expand rib cage -> expand lower abdomen instead
Energy Sense – feel warm temperature on center of palm and electricity flow from armpit to palmPosture
increase power 1) Use same posture as above for upper body
2) Make round circle with inside quadriceps
3) Bend knees at good angle
4) Tuck tail bone in
5) Grip the ground gently with toes
Energy Sense – feel gentle pressure on lower Dahn-jun*, feel connection of energy channel from Yong-Chun (soles of your feet) to lower Dahn-junfoot
 face 1) Eyes level with horizon (overview)
2) Relax your face muscles
3) Clear your thoughts
Energy Sense – feel the forehead (In-dang) opening up and feel clarityface

“Note* for details on Hoe-eum and Lower Dahn-jun refer to Master Yoo’s Push-ups under Master Yoo’s Training Guide (www.yoosma.com)”