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Letter from Tanya and Nick, parents of Delilah and Atessa

We’re so grateful to have Hong Ik Martial Arts during this period. Participating in classes gives our girls a sense of normalcy with all the changes happening around them.

I really love the effort and thoughtfulness put into keeping the kids safe. The kids are safely spread out but are still capable of training together and supporting one another, helping to foster critical socialization skills. I also appreciate the time and dedication of the team to work with our daughters through challenging maneuvers.

That type of encouragement has helped strengthen their focus and continues to build their confidence, both important skills that they carry over into other aspects of their lives, like school.  

Plus, our girls are just having fun as they’re continuing to advance in their skills and techniques!

Tanya and Nick I, parents of Delilah (age 7) and Atessa (age 6)